For my daughter’s third birthday she requested a Hello Kitty party. I got online and was inspired by this website to create my own Hello Kitty cake because there is no such pan.

What I did was use a rectangular chocolate cake (1/4 sheet) bought from Wal-Mart (very dry, but I was short on time). I then used a sharp knife to cut out the shape of an oval for her head. With the leftover corners I made the ears and bow that I “glued” on with icing.

I used a star tip to decorate her head with white butter cream icing leaving space for her eyes to fill in with black icing. I sprinkled pink sparkly sugar over smooth white icing on the right ear to make the shape of a bow. A yellow gum drop for her nose and trimmed black licorice for her whiskers. I bought the Hello Kitty candles online and placed them opposite her bow.

My daughter and all the guests loved it (except the dryness) and I had a great time making it.

Best of luck on your cake!