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Light-Up a Cigar and Have a Drink 21st Birthday Cake

This cake was so much fun to make. Everything was completely edible (except for the cake board). I made this for a 21st birthday.

The cake was just baked in a normal round tin which I layered and let set in the refrigerator overnight to be able to carve a “bucket” shape. The cake was layered with chocolate and vanilla cake, chocolate and vanilla cream as well as strawberries and finally iced with chocolate ganache and fondant.

The champagne bottle was made from milk chocolate and then hand painted and decorated to look similar to a Moët Champagne bottle but with the name of the birthday boy instead.

The ashtray and ash were made of dark chocolate and chocolate shavings and a broken cigar to look “smoked”

The cigar box was made from dark chocolate also and decorated with a lock and ribbon/bow.

The cigars were chocolate truffles rolled to shape and decorated with a knife blade. They were a hit with everyone .

The ice cubes were candy and flavoured with strawberry and were the most fun to make and decorate the cake with :) everyone was amazed at the ice cubes looking so real and then tasting like yummy candy.

I love making my own cake toppers so these would have been the most exciting part on making this cake. the best thing about making this cake was the reaction I got and especially that everyone said not just about looks but the taste was amazing (I was told).

There were two things that made making this cake a bit difficult: One was trying to keep my 4 year old daughter from touching it and the other was carrying for a one hour drive to the party!

i loved making this cake so much and I hope I’ll have yo make it again one day – its my favourite of all the cakes I’ve made and very rewarding with the feedback :)



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