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Moose Cake

A lady I work with was moving and leaving her job. She loves moose and the color green. I baked this Moose cake from a sheet cake the day before and stored it loosely covered. I used boxed cake mix and canned icing.

The next day I iced the sheet cake and placed the moose head on top. I molded the moose head out of 2 batches of rice crispy treats. I warmed dark chocolate icing just enough so it was pourable and covered the head and warmed chocolate for the antlers. After it had cooled I iced it all again with more icing with a butter knife to make it a smooth as possible.

The eyes are large marshmallows cut in half with a mini gumball in the center. I warmed a cherry now & later and shaped a tongue and pressed a tooth pick into it to push into the rice crispies. I wrote We’ll moose you Mrs. Mary which the idea came from this website.

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