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Coolest Moose Cake

Here is how I made this coolest Moose cake.

I used two small metal bowls as cake pans, whose content formed the tip of the nose and the head. I used a small loaf pan, whose content formed the middle between the nose and the head; I sculpted this and added brown icing all over it. I used black, or what I had attempted to make black, icing for the nostrils and the eyes.

For the antlers and ears, I made a rice crispie mix with melted chocolate; I sculpted them and froze them. I also put long skewer toothpicks in them, as well as smaller toothpicks in the antler branches, for support. I don’t think rice crispies work very well; they ended up melting about five minutes after they were on the moose. It would be better to find a caramel recipe or something similar which hardens. Licorice with toothpicks might work.

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