Penny the Shih-Tzu Dog Cake

I began making cake when I stopped working to take care of my kids. It was a very interesting road. As they got older the ideas got harder. By no means do I know what I’m doing. But somehow I end up with a cute cake. My son asked me to make a cake that looked like our dog Penny. All I could think was really how the heck am I going to do that.

So I did some Googling for picture ideas. Did not find many so I went with it.  For the head I used rice krispy treats molded into a round circle. I used cake for the body that I shaped to look like a body. I used Twinkies for the paws. I used a wooden stake to attach the head and just placed the twinkies close to the body. I used a grass tip to make it look like fur. I drew the eyes and nose. I used a airhead for the youngest which I shaped. For the bone I used cake and just shaped it to look like a bone. Used a spatula to frost. For the house I used cake and shaped it. I used gramn crackers for the roof. And when all was said and done I had a Shit-zu cake that my son loved. And that’s all that mattered!