Cool Pirate Cake Ideas

I designed the cake by searching “treasure maps” on the internet and looking for the style with other pirate cakes. The island names were inspired by a set of small pirate candles found at the local party store (as was the larger treasure chest candle). I used a chocolate sheet cake and canned frosting for the base buttercream with a little meringue powder for the decorating. Added some toy coins and made a hit even with the tough-to-impress teen crowd!

Another Cool Pirate Cake

Cake by Paula P., Sumner, WA

Treasure Map Pirate Cake

I got this cake idea from the Wilton web site. It’s chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream around the side and regular buttercream on top, the trees are pretzels with royal icing leaves, the boats have pretzel with plain paper sails, and the scull cross is fondant. I used the gel for the water. The money is chocolate candy. It was really fun to make!

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