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Pretty in Pink and Purple Unicorn Birthday Cake

I made this pretty in pink and purple Unicorn birthday cake for a friend of mine’s 40th birthday. She loves unicorns and has a collection so her hubby and I came up with the idea. I was going to just draw the unicorn on a 13×9 cake but was in the bulk store buying sparkly sugar and saw a horse head pan and thought I’d make my life easy so I just rented it.

I chose pink and purple to make it extra girly and to give the mane more dimension. I used a sugar cone that I shortened to make the horn, put a stripe of icing underneath to hold it in place and iced and sprinkled with the sparkly sugar. When I do cakes with the sparkly sugar I always ice and sparkle those parts first then I can brush away the sparkles that go all over and they don’t mess up the rest of my cake. I used grey as the outline for the white to give it dimension lines and I also layered the mane to make it look fuller.

Hope you all like it and it inspires you to make a girl of any age happy. Change the colors to any that you wish. Happy Baking!!

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