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Coolest Homemade Peter Rabbit Cake

This Peter Rabbit cake was made for baby shower. I used a homemade pound cake recipe for the two bottom layers and a chocolate for the top of the cake. Rabbits and flowers were made from gum paste and I hand painted them.

The icing is a buttercream icing. I used my paint sprayer and tinted the cake with an antique coloring. It was a big success.

Another Peter Rabbit Cake

Cake by Deborah D., Owensville, MI

Peter Rabbit Cake Photo

This rabbit cake is just a basic full sheet cake on which I drew Peter Rabbit with icing.

To accomplish the shading in the background I allowed the base white icing to set up a bit and used watered down food color and a paint brush. The key is to apply gently with a slightly wet brush. Then I used a rose nail tip to make the guide outline of the rabbit figure.

I went back and colored all the areas in with correct color and did some blending with a pointed icing knife. Once done filling and blending areas, I outlined everything to make the figure pop.

I did this for a baby shower but it could work for a birthday as well.

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