Sesame Street Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes when I needed to use up some extra frosting from another cake I had made.

The left over colours I had were red, blue and grey which is what made me decide what characters to do. There aren’t any grey characters so luckily I also had some leftover green sugar sprinkles for Oscar. After frosting him, I simply dipped and rolled the cupcake in the green sprinkles on a plate.

For the eyes I used mini marshmallows cut in half. Elmo’s nose is made from a bit of leftover fondant rolled into the right shape. After applying the frosting, I just tapped on it with a fork to “fluff” it up and give it a furry look. I used a regular sandwich bag with the tip cut off to pipe on the dots for the eyes and the mouths. I used my finger made wet with a tiny bit of water to smooth out the frosting on the mouths.

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