Sofia the First Birthday Cake

This is a Sofia the first birthday cake that I made for my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday party. Needless to say she is a huge Princess Sophia fan. I wanted to make the figures myself out of gum paste, however I knew I could never pull that off. I decided that a doll sitting on top of the cake would be just perfect for a 3 year old little princess to play with.

The bottom layer is a basic white cake with a chocolate mousse filling. I used a box package of chocolate mousse. The icing is a non-dairy whipped icing that you can get from your local bakery or whip up your own by adding unflavored dissolved gelatin to heavy whipping cream (you can easily Google the recipe). The top layer is a basic chocolate cake recipe with a chocolate mousse filling with the same icing. I covered the bottom layer with a white marshmallow fondant and colored another batch of fondant with dark purple and covered the top. I then pressed a diamond impression mat on the sides and top of the purple to make a nice pattern and glued white candy pearls using water as glue where the lines cross (you can also easily Google the recipe for marshmallow fondant).

I decorated the bottom layer with little pink and purple fondant flowers that are made with a flower press that I found at Joanne Fabrics. I added a white circle the size of the cake board of the top layer. Ruffled the edges using a wooden screwier and rolling it along the edge. It looks like a little blanket for the doll to sit on and it also keeps the doll from actually touching the cake. Putting powder sugar under the blanket will keep it from sticking and able to be removed before serving.

My princess loved, loved, loved her Sophia the first birthday cake.

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