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Coolest DIY Spider Cupcakes

Technically these bugs should be spider cupcakes with eight legs but we ran a bit short on legs! The legs were red string candy. We found it easiest to use a skewer to first make the hole before inserting the string. We used chocolate cupcakes covered in chocolate frosting and brown sprinkles. The eyes were large marshmallows cut in half with Skittles in the center. The Skittles were actually a bit difficult to get on; be sure to use only a tiny amount of frosting and be prepared to hold it!

These spider cupcakes were brought to our school’s Halloween carnival and disappeared within 15 minutes!

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Cake by Eve L., Australia

Dirt Cake

I just made cakes with normal cupcake recipe 3 eggs, 3oz sugar, 3oz butter and 6oz flour and baked in cases. Once cool, I covered them in glace icing, just icing sugar and water.

Then decorated the spiders cupcakes with one chocolate button for body, liquorice strips cut for legs then dropped a small amount of red icing for the ‘redback’ . Kids loved them although they were a bit afraid to pick them up to start with.

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