One of my son’s favorite shows is Spongebob. So of course out of the list of cakes to have, Spongebob cake is the one he chose for his 3rd birthday.

I made just a basic white cake. I used hard bread sticks for the legs, arms and nose. For the legs I cut the bread sticks to 4 inches and dipped them in warmed up white frosting and cooled on a cutting board. Then repeated with warmed up yellow frosting only dipping the bread sticks 3/4 of the way.

For the arms cut the bread sticks to 3 inches and for the nose cut it to 2 inches and dip in warmed yellow frosting. Ho Hos were used for the legs and arms cutting them in half and then cutting the arms at a slight angle.

Spongebob’s hands are shaped from the side of the cake where I shaved it off for his pants. Spongebob shoes are those low-fat cake cookies. I cut a wedge out of the cookie and sat it on top of the bread sticks.

I was in a bit of a hurry and forgot to put the red and blue stripes on his socks but no one noticed thankfully. For his mouth I used chocolate frosting and tinted it with red food coloring but you can’t really tell much of a difference on the photo.