This is the cake I made for my daughter Katelynn for her 4th birthday. This past Sunday was her party day. I had everything planned. It was a doggie themed party. I had all the dog stuffed animals I could find sitting together on the living room floor. Some of them with birthday hats on and holding her presents. I put up a huge birthday poster with puppies. I had all I needed to make the doggie cake.  

Then it was time to get started. I had 2 round cake pans. Two boxes of cake mix with all needed ingredients. Stuff to make my own frosting. Very easy to do, and tastes delicious. Food coloring to Dye some of the frosting pink and purple. Which turned out to be lavender and dusty rose. And the very important yellow bow for the top of her ear. Katelynn really really wanted a girl dog with yellow bow! 

The Cake! I started the night before and baked the cakes. I also did 24 mini cupcakes and used leftover batter to make a pan of extra cake. The next morning I cut my shapes. Round face. Cut the other round in half and rounded the bottom edges. Arrange on serving platter. Make a dog! Then cut a smaller circle and place on the face for a raised nose. I also made a collar and filled in the neck. Now it was time to make it pretty. Used the freshly whipped frosting and filled up my new pastry bag! This is my first time using one. I used to just fill up a plastic bag and cut a hole, or just spread it. This pastry bag is a great cheap easy way to make a really awesome cake! I used the largest tip and went around filling in the head. Then I did my colors. A dusty rose collar and lavender nose and ears. Then I used a few chocolate chips to make a nose and for the eyes. I smoothed down some eye sockets with a baby spoon. Finishing touches, black sparkle gel to outline the nose and make a happy face, and around the eyes with eyelashes, and last and most importantly the yellow bow! Happy birthday Katelynn! She loved it, I was so happy with how cute it was. I hope Katelynn always remembers her mommy making her a puppy cake when she turned four! Happy Baking!