Cool 2-Tier Homemade Incredible Hulk Cake

Homemade Incredible Hulk Cake

I baked two 9 x 13 cakes and cut down into squares (didn’t have square cake pans). Frosted first layer green, top layer red using Wilton icing colors and store bought white frosting. The brick lines and writing on top were created using black cake decorating gel from the grocery store. For some reason, my … Read more

Coolest Hulk Birthday Cake

Homemade Hulk Birthday Cake

First Id like to say thanks to all the people who gave their ideas on this site. I made this Homemade Hulk Birthday Cake after looking at your lovely cakes for my son Jake on his 7th birthday. I used two square 6” fruit cakes and after carving I still had plenty left over. I … Read more

Coolest Incredible Hulk Birthday Cake

Homemade Incredible Hulk Birthday Cake

My little boy turned 4 at the end of Dec’08 and is a huge fan on the Hulk. He wanted an Incredible Hulk Birthday cake in the shape of the Hulk fighting with the Abomination from the latest film – unfortunately my kitchen’s a little on the small side and I promised him just the … Read more

Coolest 3rd Birthday Hulk Cake

Homemade 3rd Birthday Hulk Cake

I made this 3rd birthday Hulk Cake for a friend’s nephew. I wanted to go all out because I wasn’t able to make her wedding cake because of a death in the family. So I wanted to make it up to her. This was the 2nd time I use rice crispies. I started with 1 … Read more

Cool Homemade Hulk Birthday Cake

Homemade Hulk Birthday Cake

I made this Hulk Birthday Cake for a 10yr old boy and all he asked for was ‘A Hulks head’. So that’s what I did. I cooked a large cake in a hexagon tin so I got the width at the top and I cut down the cake so when I was finished I had … Read more

Cool Homemade Incredible Hulk Cake

Incredible Hulk Cake

I made this Incredible Hulk cake for my husband’s birthday. Every year we do a birthday theme and this year it was the Incredible Hulk. The cake is two 9″ rounds and I used homemade buttercream fondant. I ended up sculpting the face from the fondant. I had a green fondant base and then added … Read more

Cool Hand-Drawn Iron Man Cake

Homemade Iron Man Cake

My 2 year old, Saxon is mad on Iron Man. I made a 12 inch Chocolate mud cake. I then covered it in butter cram and royal icing for the top. This made it easier to get the finer detail of iron man. I then etched out my sketch from a picture on the internet. … Read more

Coolest Iron Man Cake

Homemade Iron Man Cake

I made this Iron Man cake with a combination of rice crispy treats and vanilla cake. I molded the head and neck out of rice crispy treats and covered it in red and yellow fondant. I used tin foil for the eyes and mouth. I found a sugary, powdered glitter in gold and red and … Read more

Coolest Iron Man Birthday Cake Design

Homemade  Iron Man Birthday Cake Design

To make this Iron Man Birthday Cake Design I started with a regular 9×13 sheet cake nd iced it white in buttercream. To make Iron Man’s face I printed out a coloring book image that I sized to fit the cake and printed in the mirror image. Then I followed the directions on this site … Read more

Cool Homemade Iron Man Birthday Cake for a Boy

Homemade Iron Man Birthday Cake Design

My 7 year old is absolutely infatuated with Iron Man. I decided to try to make him a one of a kind Iron Man Birthday Cake Design this year, so I started researching. I knew I wanted to do the whole body because almost all the research I did only had his head or head … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Iron Man Cake

Homemade Iron Man Cake

This Iron Man cake was made for a friend’s little boy’s birthday. The head is made from RKT and the body from sponge cake (chocolate for the shoulders). All covered in butter cream and then fondant.