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Cake by Robin P., Port Chester, NY

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I made this unique cake for my niece’s 12th Birthday. This cake is made from five layers. After assembling the layers in a large rectangle I refrigerated it for 30 minutes. Then I carved the top and sides to get the shape I wanted.

The cake is frosted with a basic buttercream. The handle and hearts are made from gum paste.

Cake by Hillary A., Omaha, NE

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

I made a white cake, sculpted it into a basic purse shape and crumb-coated it with buttercream. I chilled it to allow the cream to set while I rolled out white fondant. I covered the cake with fondant and trimmed it leaving it long enough at the top to wrinkle like the top of a purse.

I made a royal icing “Clasp” and painted it silver with edible silver powder mixed with vodka after the icing had set for 24 hours. I piped a free-form design of ivy and leaves, added fondant thistles and icing fern and raspberries etc. I applied the clasp last attaching with royal icing and propping it up until set.

This purse cake was definitely a most unique cake.

Cake by Kristen C., Webster, NY

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

This was my first attempt at using fondant on a unique cake of this kind. It came out okay and was easier than I thought it would be.

I cut three layers and stacked them with a thin layer of butter cream frosting between each. I used light and dark pink fondant on the outside of the cake and made the handle using pink gum paste. The price tag and label are also made with gum paste. For the “price” – I used the person’s birthday (month day year and her age as the “cents”). It was a cute touch.

Cake by Jean D., U.K

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

I made this Radley handbag as a leaving gift for a work colleague. It was a real unique cake. I made it using a large square cake tin which I then cut into a trapezium shape. A very handy hint is to ice the cake by lying it down flat on one side onto the icing then standing it up to smooth the icing on the other main side.

Neaten the sides as best you can and then stick on side panels of icing with water. I used a fork to create the stitching effect around the edges. I also put a long sausage of icing round the top of the bag before laying the icing on to create a recessed effect where the zip part is. Be careful though – my friend liked it so much she refused to cut it up and took it home to keep it!

Cake by Mariela C., Sterrett, AL

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

I made this cake for my darling little sister who was turning 24 yrs old and who loves to travel. I used: 1- Reg. Sheet Pan, Wilton Butter Cream icing, and Fondant icing. I iced the cake with buttercream icing (make sure it’s completely flat on top, fondant will take the shape of any uneven icing, let the icing dry a little then go over it with a roller). I used brown coloring for the fondant. I used the rest of the fondant and added some black coloring with the brown and made the straps and handle.

I used a small knife (just the tip) or you can use a toothpick to create the stitching. I baked sugar cookies and decorated them with icing. Each cookie represented somewhere she has been.

Cake by Monique M., NY

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

For this unique cake I baked a carrot cake and a caramel cake, then I froze it over night and sculpted it into a petal shape. I used one layer carrot, then caramel cake, and then carrot again. I sketched shopping bags and used fondant frosting to mold them.

I then covered the cake and with non-toxic cake paint (which comes in a powder form but has to be mixed with lemon extract);

I also used fondant to mold the designs around the sides of the cake. Some of the decorations on the cake are made with royal icing too.

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

This could be done with any kind of cake but the cake must be baked, wrapped in plastic wrap, and then frozen over night in order to sculpt it.

Cake by Peggy T., New Orleans, LA

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

This Louis Vuitton cake was a big hit at the Hospital where I work. My young co-worker came up with the unique cake idea for her birthday. I just did another one for a sweet sixteen party and have orders for more. It really was not that difficult to make.

I used two 10″ by 10″ by 2″ deep square pans and stacked the two cakes. Then I made a poster board cutout for both sides of the cake of the shape of the side of the purse. I had someone hold the poster to the sides and then just used a cake cutter and followed along the poster to shape the cake.

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

The cake colors were a combination of yellow and a touch of brown for the background and the trim was a mix of brown, red and a touch of black. The purse straps are the only non-edible things on the cake. I cut strips of extra-long brown artist paper. It is similar to construction paper only it is slightly stronger. I then covered the strips with the trim icing to match.

The gold foil wrapping paper made a nice addition to the cake. I normally make homemade buttercream icing for my cakes, although this one was made with can icing (the birthday girl wanted can cream cheese icing). Most of the time was spent trying to achieve the dark color I wanted for the trim, however I think Chocolate icing would do just as well.

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

Cake by Michelle M., Baltimore, MD

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

I saw a picture of this unique cake online and fell in love with it. Unfortunately the directions didn’t work so I ended up coming up with my own design.

After baking three 8″ square cakes and freezing them, I stacked the square cakes on top of each other and sliced them on an angle to make the sides of the purse. The frosting is a purple spray-on color frosting over white frosting from a can. I used black licorice for the handle and candies for the flowers.

Cake by Margie H., Centennial, CO

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

This unique cake idea came from a very special friend who was having a “makeup” party for her 8 year old. Because she is also a “MaryKay” consultant, I designed a fancy purse complete with cosmetics and even a coin purse…all made with SUGAR, “Fondant”. This medium is easy to work with for sculpting any design you can create. The purse case is a 1/4-inch pan cut and layering for the rectangle shape.

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake
Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

Cake by Monique M., NY

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

I wanted to make a unique cake for a friend who is very fashionable. I usually make her leather handbags or some sort of accessories for her birthday. I wanted to do something very different and unexpected for her 30th birthday.

I baked a carrot cake then I froze it over night and sculpted it into a pocket book shape. I sketched the handle on regular computer paper, laid a piece of parchment paper over that, and went over the design with royal icing. I let it dry for 3 days and then painted it metallic gold with non-toxic cake paint (which comes in a powder form but has to be mixed with lemon extract).

I practiced a few times working with fondant frosting (it was extremely hard the first few times) I then covered the cake and crimped the area by the handle. I painted the cake, then painted designs on it and cut out flowers from the extra fondant. I attached the handle with royal icing. Some of the decorations on this unique cake are made with royal icing too.

This could be done with any kind of cake but the cake must be baked and then wrapped in plastic wrap then frozen over night in order to sculpted it.

Cake by Judy B., Branford, FL

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

I bought three family-sized Sara Lee frozen pound cakes. I stacked them on top of each other then cut the purse shape out. I frosted this unique cake with purple icing.

The flap, lipstick, nail polish, and sunglasses are all out of star burst candies. I put them in the microwave to soften them (only put them in for a few seconds – then you shape them).

The handle of this unique cake is out of wired edge ribbon. To finish it off I purchased dress-up jewelry to put around the bottom of the “purse”.

Cake by Ivy P., Hammond, IN

Purse-Shaped Unique Cake

I did this unique cake for my daughter’s family party. For the purse I baked a cake in a loaf pan, stacked it and shaped it to look like a purse. The handle was fondant. The make-up was chocolate.

The shoe was made the same way.

These unique cake ideas came from her party decorations which where glamour girl.