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Wii LOVE Birthdays! Our Family’s Five-in-One Birthday Cake

Our family celebrates 5 birthdays within a ten day span every September. We never wanted to take away from anyone’s special day by lumping all the wishes into a simple generic cake.

We have had years of having individual cakes for everyone involved, based on their favorite flavors, but that became too expensive – and fattening!!!  After all, isn’t it considered good luck to the birthday person to eat at least one small slice of their cake????  As the years went by, it became increasingly difficult to get together on each birthday so this is where my brainstorm began.

A few years ago, when we were all very much into playing games on our Wii gaming system. The youngest member of the family (my grandson) seemed to have a flair for making his Wii indentity character and could make it look SO much like his real self.  He would oftentimes help the others to fine tune theirs., I came up with this idea to use our Wii characatures on one big cake to celebrate everyone at once!!!  Each characature was designed by its ‘real’ person, so it really had a personalized appeal to the entire family!  How fun!!!  I  snapped pictures of each charicature so I could upload them onto my computer and into my design program.  I then designed the idea and then just brought it into our local bakery (chain grocery retailer) and they made it happen!   When the bakery people saw it, they loved it as much as I did so I hoped my family would feel the same at the big reveal!!  Got an excellent response so it has now become a yearly tradition to find a new and personalized way to honor all of our September birthdays.  I love being able to tap into every new hobby or sport that each is in to at the time. So much fun! And very delicious – although I must say, some of them are hard to cut into because they are just too cool!!! :)

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