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Coolest Raccoon Birthday Cake

by Cakes By Terra
(Raleigh, NC USA)

Homemade Raccoon Birthday Cake

Homemade Raccoon Birthday Cake

For this adorable homemade raccoon birthday cake I used the Wilton 3D bear pan and did some carving once it cooled completely. It’s best to use pound cake when making this cake. The carving aspects involved the following:

1) Shave the ears and cheeks to bring them to a point or triangle shaped (save these pieces b/c they can be used to extend the nose).

2) Cut off the tip of the feet & use them to shape/fill-out the legs and feet so it looks like he is sitting.

3) The tree stump is just round stacked cakes, cut the tops off so they are level and use the scrapes to make the tail.

The “bark” on the stump was done by running the spatula up & done the iced cake. The “hair” on the raccoon was done using the grass tip and the arm & leg portions were outlined in black. I used fishing line for the whiskers. When he was finally complete he was so cute I had to give him a name; I came up w/ Ricky.

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by: soontobebdaygirl

what did you use to make the eyes and nose?!?!?

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Coolest Reptile Birthday Cake Idea 47

by Carla A.

Homemade Reptile Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Reptile Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Reptile Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Reptile Birthday Cake Idea for my son's 9th birthday. I wanted to do something different this year so I came up this a reptile themed party. The bottom cake is a 2 layer vanilla cake with guava filling and vanilla icing. The 2nd to last is my favorite signature 3 layer Dominican cake, with pineapple filling and vanilla lemon icing. The 2nd cake is a 2 layer chocolate heaven cake, it has everything any chocolate lover would like on their cake! I filled it with a coconut-pecan filling and chocolate icing. And last but not least, the top cake is a 2 layer chocolate and yellow cake with chocolate filling and icing.

I finished it off by putting marshmallow fondant on the whole cake. Some of the props are made by me and some are not. And all the cakes, icing, filling and even fondant were made from scratch! This is my very 1st real party cake and I am so happy it came out just like my son wanted it to be!

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Coolest Possum Cake

by Kim W.
(Gray, Ga)

Homemade Possum Cake

Homemade Possum Cake

I had a request for this Possum Cake as part of a theme for a funny family reunion. I put it in a box with a screen over top of it and it looked pretty convincing.

I used red velvet cake filled with cream cheese icing and decorator buttercream for fur. I used my airbrush to give it the two tone affect and gumpaste for teeth and tongue.

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by: Susan D.

That's amazing. How did you get that to look so fuzzy? I get the airbrush, which really adds to the realism, but how on earth did you get that to look so furry with buttercream, you have to share. Absolutely awesome cake.

by: Kim

The grass tip makes great fur! Sure, it takes a long time, but the effect is awesome!

by: Jessica

Do you bake and sell cakes? Looking for someone to make my daughter's birthday cake.

by: Anonymous

Hi Jessica,
Yes I do, see my website at

by: amy

What type of pan did you use?

answer to shaped pan question
by: Anonymous

I didn't. This cake is carved out of a stack of rectangular cakes.

by: Anonymous

How many cakes did you stack?

Answer to number of stacked cakes
by: Anonymous

I think this was probably about 4 layer, sheet pans, but of course the number of layers goes with how big you need the cake and how much filling. so really, the number of layers will vary. Thanks!!

by: michelle

What did you do to make it look like it had fur?

by: Anonymous

That looks so real it's scary! Awesome job!

Love the possum cake
by: shelly

Our youngest daughter has a pet possum .She even has her own facebook page .

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