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Coolest Artist Birthday Cake 6

by Suzanne J.
(Derby, UK)

Homemade Artist Birthday Cake

Homemade Artist Birthday Cake

I made this Artist Birthday Cake for my Father In Law who was 80 in February and is an excellent artist. The round cake was chocolate, iced with fondant icing and the cake was made with a small Victoria sponge and iced with fondant icing again. I painted the edges of the book with edible gold pain. The bookmark I used was a piece of ribbon inserted into the icing at the top of the cake.

The brushes were made with petal paste and painted (I used petal dust mixed with alcohol which makes a great painting medium) and I formed the paint palette around the little palette I use for cake decorating, again it was made with petal paste. The tubes of paint were a 50/50 mix of petal paste and fondant.

Because it was his 80th birthday I painted 80 on each of the paint brushes, and 80 on all the tubes of paint. I also called the book, ‘80 Ways with Watercolour’ (watercolours are his favourite painting medium). I used one of his painting supplies catalogues to copy the tubes of paint and brushes.

He was really pleased with it.

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i want this cake for my 34th birthday
by: Anonymous

this cake is a great idea for my 34th birthday

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Coolest Artist Palette Birthday Cake 7

by Paula C.
(Osceola, IN, USA)

Homemade  Artist Palette Birthday Cake

Homemade Artist Palette Birthday Cake

After finishing just one cake in my first cake decorating class, my grandma asked me to make her a birthday cake for her 75th, not knowing that we were throwing her a surprise party. I decided to try making an Artist Palette Birthday Cake, as I thought it would not be too difficult to do with my beginner skills.

I frosted a 10" cake in light brown icing, then used a large round tip and dark brown icing to pipe the shape of the palette. I then filled in the small circle and covered the rest of the cake with small white stars, and made a simple white shell border around the bottom. I made several bright colors of icing and piped them on with the large round tip to create the paint colors.

My husband suggested that we use a basting brush to create brush strokes in some of the colors, and even mix two together to make the cake look more interesting. We then placed a yellow paintbrush across the cake to finish it off. My grandma loved her cake, and so did all of her "art" friends!

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You're the Best
by: Mom

You're a celebrity now!! I'm so proud of you. Your cake was the hit of the party. Everyone raved about it. Aaron's contribution was inspired. Way to go!

Palette B'day cake
by: Helen Hope Barker

Paula, wonderful job on the artist's cake. I have taken cake decorating and know the ups and downs of it! YOu did a GREAT JOB ! ! !CONGRATULATIONS! Helen Hope

awesome cake
by: Donna W.

Paula, your cake was really awesome. I can't believe that was your first "professional" cake.

The Best
by: Diana

Paula is amazing. She sets out to accomplish something and does it beautifully. She put her heart into and did a great job. She made her Grandmother so proud of her

by: David Williams

What a beautiful and creative way to decorate a cake!

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Coolest Artist Palette Cake 11

by Janice M.
(Taos, NM)

Homemade Artist Palette Cake

Homemade Artist Palette Cake

This Artist Palette Cake I made for my step dad. I just used a regular 13x9 pan and and chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. Then I used white frosting for the paint pallet. For the paint I just put dollops of frosting that I dyed and a paint brush.

After I did that I thought the cake needed some more decorations so I decided to make a "painting on an easel". I got 3 cocktail straws and screwed them with a toothpick then broke the ends of the toothpick and stuck the middle leg out backwards and the 2 ends forward in the cake like an easel. For the painting I gave my son some of the colored frosting to paint a small picture for his grandpa on a small piece of cardboard.

After the "painting" dried I wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAMPO with pen then I put frosting on the easel made of straws and stuck the painting on. Like it was frosting glue. With the last of the colored frosting I used it to make paint splashes. Super easy cake to make and I got lots of compliments.

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