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Coolest Princess Castle Cake 251

by Ivonne C.
(New Jersey)

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

I made my daughter's 3rd birthday princess castle cake with a princess castle kit I bought off eBay. It came with the turrets, all the princesses, and a frame for my little princess. It was really simply with the kit, although the accessories did not want to stay in the cake at first.

The actual cake was made with a half a sheet cake pan with a strawberry cake recipe and cream cheese buttercream colored pink from After making the half sheet cake, I then cut it into various pieces according to the pattern and instructions included with the castle kit. This made for a larger layered bottom and a much smaller top.

Once the buttercream was on and the cake layered, I then added the turrets and princesses and decorated any "spots" with purple icing.

It was a big hit and everyone could not believe I made it. The kit really makes it look more extravagant than it is. The only suggestion I have is to be careful inserting the turrets. They are placed into the sides of the cake, and stay put by resistance. It almost tore through my cake but I just kept stacking the buttercream so it would work as a glue keep it together.

Good luck and if you're able to pull it off, it really was a hit. My little girl was so excited!

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by: Anonymous

can I ask where did you bought the kit for making this cake?

by: Anonymous


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Coolest Princess Castle Cake 270

by Toni B.
(Bloomington, IL)

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

This princess castle cake was made for my granddaughter Jaylie, for her first birthday. She is our little princess and she deserved a princess party. It took four cake mixes, six cups of butter cream icing, eight regular ice cream cones, and four waffle cones.

The cones were rolled in melted white chocolate and then rolled in colored sugar sprinkles. The bottom layer was 2 9x13 cakes. Second layer was 2 8x8 cakes and the top layer was 1 6 inch round cake which was her personal cake she could demolish.

I found pics of all the Disney princess's and laminated them so they would stick to the side of the cake. The flags read "Happy" "Birthday" "Princess" "Jaylie" and "1" on top. They were secured on the cones with a wooden kabob skewer.

The cake was a BIG hit at the party. My niece even wants one for her 28th birthday in April. The guests enjoyed eating the ice cream cones with and without ice cream. This was my first attempt on a cake this size and detail and I found it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I was very pleased with the outcome.

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by: Anonymous

I love your cake, it looks amazing. Your granddaughter is a lucky girl!



by: Shirley

My 4 year old wants this cake for her birthday party this weekend! I love the idea:) Looks great!

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Coolest Princess Castle Cake 276

by Tina
(New York, USA)

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

I got the idea for this princess castle cake after browsing the website here.

I baked 3 funfetti cake mixes: 13X9X2, 11X7X2 and a loaf pan. I sliced off about 3 inches of the two smaller cakes, then cut notches in the corners where the cones would fit. I froze the cakes to make them easier to frost.

For the "turrets", I cut off the ends of the waffle cones to accommodate a bamboo skewer. I sprayed Wilton's pink Color Mist on sugar and waffle cones and let them dry. I used two containers of vanilla frosting to assemble the cake layers, then did a final layer of frosting with a container of whipped frosting.

Then I piped pink decorator frosting to border each layer of the cake. I cut bamboo skewers down to size for each of the layers, and pushed them through the cones and down into the bottom of the cake for stability. I piped more decorator frosting around the edges where the sugar cones met the waffle cones.

Finally, I glued pink construction paper to each of the skewers to create flags. My 3 year old loved it.

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