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Coolest Castle Cake 204

by Carol S
(Somerset, PA)

Castle and Princess

Castle and Princess

My granddaughter wanted a Disney princess party for her 4th birthday. All the girls were to dress like a princess and the boys like knights. So, I made my first attempt at making a castle cake and princess cakes.

I made the castle using a 12x15 sheet pan for the bottom layer,and a double 8" square cake for the 2nd layer. I used soup cans to make the 4 side towers and a large juice can to make the middle tower. I used sugar cones that I coated with purple candy melts and while the candy was still wet I sprinkled them with purple sugar crystals to make them glitter (I was able to prepare them a few days ahead of time). That was very easy and they were tasty too. I used chocolate covered grahams for the windows and a Hershey bar for the door.

I also made a Disney princess cake for each little girl at the party out of cupcakes that I made. I turned them upside down so the bottom part would be flared out. I then stuck a miniature princess doll into each one and decorated them to look like, Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine and Ariel. The dolls also served as a favor for the girls. I packed each of the dolls clothing into sandwich bags to give to them at the end of the party.

I decorated regular cupcakes and added a knight to the top to give to the boys. All the children just loved it and my granddaughter was ecstatic. The castle cake was served to the adults and of course we had too much cake so we had plenty to give away. The party was a big success.

Castle Cake

Comments for Coolest Castle Cake 204

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I Love It!
by: Sarah

This cake is so nice! I love the idea of having the cupcakes decorated for each child. Very pretty castle cake!

Great Job
by: Monique

Very Beautiful idea. I will attempt this creation. Thanks for sharing.

soup cans and large juice can
by: Joyce

I love your cake idea. I was just wondering if you could elaborate on how you used the soup cans and large juice can. Did you place the empty cans on the case and cover them with icing, or did you actually make cake from them? Guess I need a little more specific directions. I'm going to make this cake for my granddaughter's 5th birthday! thanks!!

I Love It!
by: Anonymous

This cake is very unique, and well thought out. I really thought this cake topped all the cakes; especially, with the cakes for the guests.

Job Well Done

Creative cake decoration
by: Anonymous

This cake is done in very creative but simple way. It wouldn't be as simple as it sounds for me to make though. Will you tell us more details about the can use?


princess cupcakes
by: Olivia from La Puente

I'm gonna recycle your idea hopefully add my flair to it. If I wouldn't have read your directions my princesses would of been top heavy, lop-sided, just not right. So thank you

Use of Juice and soup cans
by: Anonymous

This is the first time that I have looked at the comments about this cake for a long time so I'm not sure how old the requests are for information on how I used the juice and soup cans to make this cake so it may be too late for those that asked. But, for anyone else still interested: I actually baked cake in the cans. Make sure the cans are smooth on the inside. I mean no indention in the shape of the can otherwise it will be difficult to remove the baked cake. Spray the inside of the cans well with vegetable spray. Fill them about 2/3 full with cake batter and bake at 350 until done.

by: seemal

its lovely

castle cake
by: Anonymous

If you don't mind this might be the first birthday cake for a very special little girl.

Love the idea of all the little princes cakes.
Wish me luck have 2 months to perfection

by: Anonymous

this cake is so cool looking im going to attempt it tonight.ill let u know how it goes!

great cake

This is exactly the way I'm planning to make my grandaughters cake. She also is going to be four. Did you put any supports under the castle? I did't know if it would smash the sheet cake. You cake turned out really nice and it has given me a visual of what I want to do.

lovey cake
by: melissa

my mum said that your cake is absolutely beautiful and she thinks its really good how you have shared your idea my sisters is in 4 days we took your idea down and we are going to try to make it are self from Melissa we will have fun me and my mum

Love your cake and instructions
by: Anonymous

My 3 yr old granddaughter will just love this thank for sharing how to do it and making it simple I just might be able to pull it off

Thank you so much

absolutely gorgeous
by: Anonymous

could you tell me where you purchased the disney princess miniature dolls from Please.

by: sangar

wow this cake is so cool, and i like that u have added Disney characters as well. Details makes a cake perfect. Good job!!

Soup cans didn't work at all
by: Anonymous

I saw your post on how much batter to fill the cans with (2/3rds); however, I ended up with a huge mess! The batter quickly rose to the top and over flowed all over my oven. I ended up throwing out all the batter and instead made an alternative. Without clear directions on baking with soup cans you can't really measure this properly. For my alternative approach I baked cake in ice cream cups then attached them with frosting to the coated sugar cones. It wasn't my ideal ending for the cake though. In the future I will bake the towers in cupcake pans or square cake pans and stack using frosting and fondant for wrapping the stacked cakes. You can also bake using Pyrex bowls if you want a rounded cake top or you can use square pans and trim cake to size.

To Anonymous, Jan 30, 2012 and others
by: Carol

To Anonymous: I'm sorry that you had trouble making the cake in soup cans. I did my best to explain how I did it. I had no problems when I made mine.

To everyone else who posted compliments: Thank you. This is the first time I have checked this site in a couple years and only did now because my granddaughter who is going on 9 now wanted to see it. I see there are old posts from people who had some questions and I feel bad that I didn't know about them so I could have answered you. I was under the impression that Coolest sent email notifications when there were posts. I will have to try to remember to check the posts more often.

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Coolest Castle Cake 216

by Tresa
(Panama City, FL)

Castle Cake

Castle Cake

I made this castle cake for a friend of mine's daughter's 16th birthday. I like this cake a lot.

I used butter cream icing to decorate it. For the towers I took ice cream cones and turned them upside down and stuck dowels through them to hold them up. This cake is 4 layers. I used sugar cones covered in icing for the tops and covered them in sprinkles.

The top of this cake is a ballroom floor so I lit it up as the prince tries the shoe on Cinderella. I added vines and little pink flowers to the towers to make them stand out a little.

I really enjoyed making this cake. This was the first castle cake i made so it was quite an experience.

This castle cake was a little complicated for me only because it was the first castle I made. Everyone at the party loved it. This cake was a big hit for me.

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Coolest Castle Cake 217

by Shannon
(South Texas)

Kira's Castle Cake

Kira's Castle Cake

My 3 year old daughter wanted a princess castle cake that she saw at the grocery store bakery that was $39.99 and basically a square with plastic forms stuck to the corners. I decided we could do better and bought the Wilton romantic castle set (using a 40%off coupon at Michael's, it was only $13.00!) and 2 days later we had a 2 layer 10" yellow butter cake bottom with pineapple filling and a 2 layer 8" devil's food top for the chocolate lovers and a cake that blew my daughter's socks off.

If I could've bottled her reaction I would die happy! Oh, and tons of left overs to snack on! Yum! Who could ask for more? Besides time and effort, this cake was well under the $40 the local grocery bakery wanted for the no thought version they sell. Don't think you can't - this was only my third cake!

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Coolest Castle Cake 215

by Jennie
(Jonesboro, Ark)

Castle Cake

Castle Cake

This was my first time making a 3-d cake. The castle is two 9 inch rounds and one 6 inch round covered in fondant with silver luster dust.

Towers are paper towel rolls and ice cream cones. The grass around the castle cake is butter cream and mote is piping gel.

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