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Coolest 1st Birthday Castle Cake 542

by Callie
(Brighton, England)

Homemade 1st Birthday Castle Cake

Homemade 1st Birthday Castle Cake

Many years ago my aunty made me a castle cake for my birthday, and I thought it was amazing, so when it came to my own daughter's 1st birthday I wanted everything to be perfect so I asked my aunty if she could make me a 1st Birthday Castle Cake for her. Well long story short she didn't have the time but gave me a few pointers on how to make it myself.

I'm not really one for baking nor cooking for that fact but I thought what the hell, I'll give it go if all goes wrong I'll go and buy a simple cake. I researched it for weeks with my partner on how to make it and was getting quite nervous on how it would turn out but I have to say I was really impressed with how it turned out and especially how it tasted.

For the castle I made two large square sponge cakes, left one as it was and cut the other into quarters, then with one of the quarters I cut into quarters again. These would then all be the tiers of the castle.

I then iced each individual layer with icing (I did cheat and buy ready to roll icing as it was so much more easier then making my own) then stuck each tier on top of one another with buttercream frosting.

For the towers I just used ice cream cones and rolled in buttercream frosting then in 100's of 1000's. After all of that you get the fun part of decorating with all different things from marshmallows to biscuits whichever you think would look good.

I really enjoyed making this cake and am now trying my hands at a pirate ship and rocket ship for my two nephews birthdays.

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Coolest Princess Castle Cake 266

by Tonya D.

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Cake

My princess castle cake was inspired by a balloon I had ordered for my daughter's 3rd birthday party. She's very girly and everything must be princess. The balloon was a pink castle with purple towers with vines and roses flowing up the towers. I always try to be creative (but not usually a baker) so I thought I would at least give it a try.

The cake mix its self was store bought vanilla with "confetti" which was just melted sprinkles. I baked six cakes, three were 9 by 13 and 3 were 8 by 8. The bottom was three layers putting a layer of pink colored butter cream frosting in between each layer of cake. Then two layers for the middle and one on the top!

After layering the cakes i cut all edges to get it even on all sides, also to get that hard crust around the edges. After that, I put a crumb coat of frosting on, let it sit in the fridge for a while to harden up then slapped on a second layer of frosting.

The decorating was the fun part. Using cones for the towers, sugar cone coated with frosting then rolled in purple sand sugar. Waffle cookies for the door and adding the candies for extra detail. The vine detail on the cones is what took me the longest.

After 11 hours of baking and decorating I was finally finished and all my hard work paid off when I saw how happy she was when she got her OWN princess castle!

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A tip for the cone tower
by: Anonymous

So that you don't waste the cone why not try baking some cake mix inside the cone. It would be like a cone cupcake of sorts

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