I made this Hello Kitty Birthday Cake Idea for my daughter’s third birthday. It is a 3 layer 9″ round. It was a checkerboard cake (using the Pampered Chef checkerboard set) with chocolate and French vanilla batters.

After the cake was cooled and leveled, I frosted it in Swiss buttercream frosting. I iced the whole cake white first. I just used a thin layer at first as a crumb coat and then put it in the fridge to set. I then finished icing the cake with the Swiss buttercream.

For the top only, I colored the frosting pink and finished icing it with that. Finally, I used a metal spatula dipped in warm water to smooth it. I put it in the fridge to set.

The picture of Hello Kitty is from my daughter’s coloring book. I placed a piece of parchment paper over the image and outlined it with piping gel that I tinted slightly with Black Wilton Gel Color (I used just a tiny bit of black so that the gel would be more visible). I then inverted the waxed paper onto the cake and smoothed to transfer the clear outlines onto the cake.

For the decoration on the cake I used a different buttercream recipe. It pipes better than any other icing I have ever used and is delicious. Using the outlines I then used black icing and my #3 tip to outline the picture.

Next, I filled in Hello Kitty with white stars (#16 tip) and Hello Kitty’s bow with red frosting (#16 tip). Using the # 3 tip, I added black for the eyes and a yellow nose. The writing was done with purple frosting and a #3 tip.

I used the #18 tip to do the purple star borders on the top and bottom of the cake. My daughter loved her cake and it was delicious too!