I was doing a “Prince” theme for my son Kevin’s first birthday party. In keeping with the theme, I thought about doing a castle cake so I came across this website. After looking at all the wonderful cakes I used them for inspiration for the one I made. I needed to keep it simple as it was my first attempt at anything like this. All things considered, I do not think this Little Prince Castle Cake came out too bad.

I did use the advice of so many of your contributors to do the cake in stages over a few days. The cake was constructed from two 9 by 13 sheet cakes I baked on back to back days and put in the freezer. As promised this did make it easier to cut. On the third day, I used one of the cakes as the base and the other I cut in squares and stacked to make the towers. I kept everything together with buttercream frosting that I made from scratch and tinted a blue/gray with food coloring. I did make a special trip to the baking store to get the professional food coloring. This was my first pass of frosting.

Then I put it in the refrigerator to harden. The next night I finished the cake with another layer of frosting and all the decorations. This is where my husband came in. He is very artistic and he really made the castle come to life.

We used a few different things to decorate the castle. As many people did on this site, we used ice cream cones that we coated in blue sanding sugar for some sparkle as turrets. The doors of the castle are cookies that I just picked out at the grocery store. The drawbridge is a Kit Kat bar with Twix bars as the chains of the drawbridge. I cut triangles out of blue fruit roll ups (to look like stained glass) and added them on as windows. My husband added panes and details to doors and bridge with black gel decorating icing from the tube (sold in most gocery store baking sections). The blue candies near the bridge and the white ones at the base of the turrets are York M&M’s. The very base of the cake are mini marshmallows that we just used as an embellishment. We then placed it the fridge till the party the next day and it kept very nicely.

Everyone at the party seemed to like the cake and it was perfect for our “Little Prince”.