For the Homemade Pirate Ship Birthday Cake I used a chocolate box cake mix and made two 13×9 inches cakes. When the cakes were completely cooled (I suggested baking the cakes the night before and putting them in the fridge over night), I then stacked the two 13x9inch cakes on top of each other (make sure you cut the tops off so the cakes are flat on top).

When I stacked them on top of each other I cut two rectangles and two squares (cut the cakes in half down the middle, vertical, then about three inch from the top of the cake cut squares, horizontal). Then stack three of the rectangles on top of each other. Make sure you frost in between the cake layers.

Use one of the rectangles to cut triangles about three to four of them (those are to use in front of the boat). So now for the squares take three or four and put them at the back of the boat and let them hang about a half an inch off the back of the stacked rectangles. I suggest using wood skewers to hold them into places. You should have a figure that represents a ship.

Now for the water I baked four 13×9 cakes (yellow cake mix) and laid two next to each other and placed the other two on top of the two so you would have a double layer cake. Make sure you frost the middle of the cakes (I used a homemade filling to put in the middle of the cake). After I got the cakes laid out, that represent the water. I dyed some homemade frosting blue and frosted the the entire cake and then placed it into the fridge for a while.

Then after the frosting sat a bit I placed the pirate ship on top of the water. Then I frosted the ship with dark chocolate frosting. I decorated it the way I liked. Please enjoy, and I hope you have a lot of fun making this cake, I know I did!