This Homemade Pretty As a Princess Birthday Cake was made for my niece’s 5th birthday cake and looks easier than it is!

The cake was 2 packets cooked in a large Pyrex bowl or oven proof glass bowl. The end shape had to be trimmed with a sharp knife to be more skirt like. As well as to remove the top that grows up so the bottom of the cake when you tip it upside down will be nice and flat on your cake board.

I cut an X slit in the top of the cake then I made up a batch of marshmallow fondant and coloured it pink and rolled it out flat into a circle to make the skirt and placed it over the cake. I trimmed the excess of the bottom of the skirt and again remarked the X slit in the top of the cake.

I used a proper doll – not Barbie but a cheaper version. I slid her in the pre cut slits and had to lean her legs at an angle so as to have her deep enough in the cake.

I rolled another piece of fondant in a shape of a set of lips kind of. I painted the upper body of the doll in sugar paste and stuck the corset onto her trimming excess at the back and over lapping it to look nice and neat. I used a ball tool to make little dints in the fondant painted them with sugar paste and stuck in those little silver balls as buttons. As well as a piece of beading sot of item to be the trim around the top of the corset. I also made her earrings too but that’s just because I thought she needed some bling to go with her Rapunzel style hat that I made with the number 5 on it for the great occasion!

The fondant tore quite a bit so to cover it I made flowers out of left overs and put them around the skirt, with sugar paste to attach and a whole pile of them in front of her with silver balls and shiny sprinkles – they looked like pink sugar, to make a mound the candle could be stuck into with skewers!

Overall I was pretty happy with this cake as it was my first attempt and without the proper mould cake tin and doll with a skewer for legs. My niece still has the doll and says it’s her cake barbie and it tasted fantastic as it was a mud cake that really went well with the marshmallow fondant. I find this stuff is hard to use as it’s super sticky and you can see in the pics the icing sugar very clearly but it was a huge hit and my niece didn’t care!