My daughter desperately wanted a tiered castle birthday cake for her fourth birthday party, and as she’s celiac, it needed to be gluten free.

The Princess Rose Palace (gluten free) Cake is made following a basic Victoria sponge recipe – with a few variations using doves farm gluten free flour instead of wheat flour, with approx 50g of the flour replaced with about 80g of ground almonds, and the mixture topped up with milk and oil until the correct consistency. Whisked ALOT to ensure plenty of air. This makes a delicious, soft, moist cake, although it isn’t as strong as a wheat sponge if I remember them rightly!

The cakes were baked a few weeks before and frozen, I always assemble and butter-ice them whilst still extremely cold (if not a little frozen) as the crumbs don’t seems to cause as much trouble this way, and it is easier to shape them without them falling apart (gluten free cakes can be more crumbly than most).

The towers were created with cakes baked in muffin tins, or cup cakes, stacked up and topped with gluten free ice cream cones. I covered the cake with pale pink butter-icing, created a door by marking grooves with the back of a knife and painting it with a cocoa mixture, and edged the layers and towers with mini marshmallows (some brands are gluten free). The flowers are very simple and petals are made by rolling a ball of fondant icing (I used white), flattening it with your thumb and then slightly ‘turning out’ the thinner, slightly ragged end before pinching it slightly in the middle. The other end meets the other petals attached in the middle in a sort of spiraling way. I painted the tips of the petals with pink food colouring, and my daughter sprinkled pink edible sparkles all over the cake.