My daughter-in-law asked for me to make a quirky, fall looking birthday cake. I had never tried fondant icing and when she said quirky, I thought of the tilted looking cakes, I had seen. But as of Monday, the following morning I had no idea that the cake style was called Topsy Turvy. Much less that there were cooking pans to help with the process. I actually cut them to resemble the style.

In the last several months, I had been dabbling with butter cream frosting and thought I would try a fondant cake. My daughter had experimented a few times with fondant and she helped me understand some of the concepts of blending and rolling. Luckily, she had a stamp for the leaves; which I mixed with various colors of fondant.

My first problem was that all of the cake was supposed to have been green fondant coated. To my surprise, after spending an hour of blending the green fondant to find out that I did not make enough for the entire cake. I decided to cover the top and use strips for the bottom and what little bit that was left, I used with a batch of white fondant. I thought if I rolled out a log length of white and twist with the green and roll it out, maybe it would look OK. That is where my marble concept came in for the middle.

My daughter asked me if I was going to make the fondant shiny. Of course neither one of us knew how to do that, so I went on line and read a few things. So I tested a few areas and liked it.

So this is my first fondant cake and I never heard so much commotion over a cake. My daughter-in-law loved it and all the other guests were snapping pictures. So I guess, I did OK. Hope you like it too!