I made this Teapot cake for a friend’s daughter. I looked on this website and found a lot of great ideas, what I ended up making was a combination of ideas. For the actual cake, I used my medium glass mixing bowl and made 2. I decided on the height that I wanted and cut them both so I would have a nice flat surface for them to stick together. I also frosted the middle before I put them together.

I cut a dowel rod and stuck it down the middle to keep it from shifting. This was the first cake that I had ever covered in fondant and it was VERY frustrating! I used a marshmallow fondant recipe I found online. It does work GREAT for decorations!! I figured out though several months later that I had been doing it wrong, hence the frustration. Always read directions thoroughly – LOL! I had been putting powdered sugar down as I rolled it out and it would work great until I went to pick it up, then it would fall apart, I tried quite a few times and then it was too dry because of all the added powdered sugar. I ended up making more fondant.

Finally got it covered – I was highly stressed by this time! I later learned that you are supposed to cover the surface that you are rolling on with shortening – I tried this later on another cake and it worked beautifully! The handle and spout, I made out of fondant. While forming them, I added dowel rods that I had cut short, so that I could stick them into the cake. I made them a couple of days before (I did make extras of each), but I should have done it at least a week before. Due to their thickness, they weren’t completely dry and I had issues with the handle cracking. The first one REALLY cracked. The second one cracked also, but I put a fondant vine around the cracked part and it held together fine.

All of the flowers, big leaves, etc. are made out of fondant. I did use butter cream for the leaves on the small flowers. Everyone loved it!