For his fourth birthday, my son wanted his cake to be ‘Triceratops from Harry and the Bucket full of Dinosaurs.’ I got loads of ideas from this site so I thought I would repay the favour and post back.

I made two chocolate cakes, one round and one using a pudding basin. I froze these overnight once they had cooled. I cut the circle cake in half and sandwiched the two halves together with buttercream with the risen side out to give some ‘belly’ to the dino. This formed the body. I cut the front off this to make it flat and used these two sections that I had cut off to make the back ‘haunches’ for the legs. I cut the other cake diagonally across the side so that it lay flat on its side. This formed the head with what had been the base of the pudding basin going towards the beak. I used the sections of cake cut off the ‘head’ for the front haunches. I used buttercream to hold the haunches on. Because I had frozen the cake I could also sculpt the back and make it more rounded. I had also made sugar cookie dough and cut the shape for the ‘ruff’ and baked it. I used the tips of ice cream cones and filled them with melted chocolate to keep them solid for the horns. I covered them in golden marzipan to shape them so they pointed inwards. I made the tail and feet and beak from golden marzipan (shop bought).

Then I was ready to put it all together and ice it. I coated the cake body and then the head separately with honey and then marzipan. This meant that I could sculpt the legs and body even more. I added the tail. I then wet the marzipan slightly and then covered the whole of the body and head separately with rolled white icing (shop bought again). Then I sandwiched the ‘ruff’ onto the body and then the head on to the ruff. Then I painted the icing with ruby red icing paint. I then rolled some more golden marzipan and dusted them with red lustre dust and cut star shapes out and stuck them over the body and legs. I used a chocolate icing tube to do the eyes. I used toothpicks to hold the horns in place.

Hope you like my Triceratops from Harry and the Dinosaurs Birthday Cake.