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Coolest Tractor Cake 66

by Ruth

Homemade Tractor Cake

Homemade Tractor Cake

My husband sells John Deere Tractors. Since we had a boy after 5 girls, it was a no-brainer to make a tractor cake for our son's 1st b-day. I looked here at coolest b-day cakes to get ideas. This cake was a combination of ideas that I found.

I baked cake in 2 bread loaf pans. After it had cooled, I left one whole, for the base. The second one, I cut about 1/3 for the cab and that left about 2/3 for the trailer. I put a bit of frosting on the base to attach the cab. Then I angled the base in a bit for the tractor.

The first thing that I did was ice the windows and the yellow stripes on the tractor. I just piped on icing and then used a knife and my finger dipped in cornstarch to flatten it nicely. I decided the star tip would be the easiest way to decorate the rest of the tractor, since I wasn't sure on getting a smooth finish. I used a black pipe cleaner to attach the trailer to the tractor.

The wheels are chocolate covered donuts that I piped some yellow icing in. I just used butter cream to attach them to the tractor. The hay bales are coconut covered marshmallows. It was a hit at the party and of course my husband loved it.

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by: Anonymous

great! lOVE the trailer too! I bet it was a hit :)

Love it!
by: Krista

Loved it! I made this cake with the wagon and it turned out pretty good! Not as nice as the picture, but very fun, my 2 year old will love it, as does his daddy! Thanks!

The Tires!
by: Andrakay

Such a good idea to use donuts! I was trying to figure out what to use to make a similar cake for my grandfather's birthday (he's a farmer). Thank you for the inspiration!!

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Tractor Cake 24

by Alice
(Cottonwood, CA)

JD Cake

JD Cake

My dad was a John Deere engineer for 30 years and my family has been delighted that my now two-year old son loves John Deere tractors. For my son's birthday, I did a John Deere tractor cake with a hay wagon behind it.

I used standard loaf cakes for the tractor and trailer, and stacked two thick slices of one loaf for the cab, which I secured using wooden skewers. For the wheels, I used large chocolate donuts for the back wheels and small "donettes" for the front and trailer, and filled the centers with yellow frosting.

I stacked Rice Krispie treats for the hay bales on the wagon. I think I used 4 bottles of green food coloring to achieve John Deere green! A trick to get the really black frosting: I dyed two batches of white frosting green, and when I had completed all of the green parts, I added black dye. It was an easy mix to start with the dark green and get up to a nice rich black color.

I tossed coconut in a Ziplock with yellow and red to get the dirt road, and in green in a separate bag for the grass. My son was very surprised to see a tractor in the fridge on the morning of his party!

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What a beautiful cake!
by: Anonymous

I love the cake. The doughnut wheels are brilliant. I'm sure it was very tasty, too!

What a Special Cake!
by: Gary Crooks

I've never had the honor of meeting the obviously talentd and loving person who made this very special cake. But I do know her father and how touched he was by this cake. Never before did I realize how special--even magical--a BD cake could be.

Here is a cake which creatively celebrates the joy of a child's birthday. But even more, it reflects the keen interest grandson and grandfather have in tractors. Could this child's strong attraction to tractors at such an early age coupled with the grandfather's distinguished career at John Deere be one of life's mysterious secrets? I don't know. What I do know is that no better gift could have been created by a mother for her son. AND for her father!

I am so impressed!
by: Madelyn

Alice, it makes my heart happy to think of the fun you had creating the JD tractor birthday cake. Reminds me of the "Miss Nelson is Missing" cake I made for you in elementary school!

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Coolest Tractor Cake 32

by Karen
(Rome, Italy)

Homemade Tractor Cake

Homemade Tractor Cake

I made this tractor cake for my son's second birthday. I looked at images from his tractor books, then drew a pattern on newsprint. This is not too hard - you can trace around appropriately sized cups or bowls to make the wheels, then the rest is mainly straight lines.

I baked 4 cake layers in my usual round pans, then placed the pattern pieces on top and cut with a serrated knife. I covered a board in aluminum to use as a base, then I assembled the pieces together.

I made 3 batches of buttercream frosting: one uncolored, one chocolate and the third colored with red food dye. (It takes a surprising amount to make it red rather than pink.) I roughed up the frosting on the wheels to suggest heavy tread, then added some black outlines with a frosting tube. I used black licorice candy for the exhaust pipe, the steering wheel and the number two.

I think the best part was the addition of my son's photo in the driver's seat. We just cut this image out of an existing photo. The cake says "Auguri" rather than "Happy Birthday" because we live in Italy!

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love the cake
by: Maria

I love your idea on this cake about adding your son's picture. I think we are going to do this for my son's third birthday. Thanks for the idea!

coolest tractor cake 32
by: Sam

I love your cake and so does my son,I'll be making this for his 3rd birthday,I love the idea of the photo...very clever...thanks for sharing.

tractor cake 32
by: jen

loved the cake idea. going to try it for my husband 35th birthday

by: Helen

Fantastic cake. I'm going to try this for my Son's 2nd birthday at the end of the month. Hope it turns out as good as your!

Great cake!
by: Janet

Thanks for this - I've been searching tractor cake pictures for something I might have a reasonable chance of copying, and this is it!!! You've done a great job, hope I do it justice for my son's 4th birthday. Love the photo idea!

tractor cake
by: Sarah, Ireland

Just finished making this cake for my son who is 3 tomorrow. Fantastic! My 1st attempt at making a novelty cake and I really enjoyed it. Great idea he looks good in the tractor! Big thanks.

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