I used the Wilton football pan to make this pirate cake. I made two cakes and cut them to form the ship bottom and top.  I used a large sheet pan for the base (water).  I used chocolate frosting to hold the pieces in place.  The two decks are chocolate crispy treats cut into the shape for the front and back.  The deck between the two are Hershey bars.

The back of the top deck is wafers with the length of the back deck being another Hershey bar (to hold the wafers in place). Decorated with yellow M&M, pretzels for the railings, nutter butters for the port holes, a wafer for the plank, rolo with toothpicks for the steering wheel (or whaterver it’s called on a ship).  The crow’s nest is a crispy treat (the blue bottom is a frosting container lid), the sails and pirate flag are sugar sheets, the mast is a wooden stick.

Everything on this ship except the mast, blue frosting lid used to support the crow’s nest and the figurines are edible.  This cake took several hours to piece together (it’s difficult frosting a cut cake), several hours to put on the final touches and lots of prayer that it would all come together as my daughter-in-law and I envisioned.  We got lots of compliments and requests (NO!!!), but the best of all was the smile on my 3 year old grandson’s face when he saw the finished product!   P.S.  Be sure to have vanilla ice cream on hand…this was a lot of chocolate!