My daughter experienced dairy/soy allergy until she was about 14 months old.  It’s nearly impossible to find cakes that are both dairy free and soy free so I knew we needed to come up with a homemade option for her first birthday.

We chose a ladybug theme for her birthday and made her a beautiful dairy-free and Soy-free Ladybug cake . Non dairy chocolate cake recipes here surprisingly easy to find, and I baked the cake in a bowl to make the shape easy to create.  Because we didn’t know how the cake would turn out, we made her a smaller smash cake and ordered a regular cake for everyone else.  This would be just as easy to make in a large bowl.

I made a butter cream frosting that contained shortening and used a little bit of almond milk to cream it.  The consistency wasn’t great, but it held the color.  Licorice disks made the polka dots easy, and the grass was done simply with a grass tip.  If I had a do over, I would have smoothed the purple and pink icing before I applied the licorice.

This was the very first cake I decorated on my own.  It turned out pretty well and tasted surprisingly good, even to those who don’t live dairy-free/soy free.