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65+ Awesome DIY Cooler and Beer Bottle Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Coolers and Beer Bottle cake ideas shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

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A friend asked me to make her daughter a beer bottle cake for her 23rd birthday. I asked what the daughter liked and she said Blue Moon Beer. I have done the “wine bottle cake” before so I decided to stick with a gum paste bottle for the Beer Bottle Cake, although I considered the rice crispie treat route.

Coolest Beer Bottle Cake Design
Coolest Beer Bottle Cake Design
Coolest Beer Bottle Cake Design

I formed the beer bottle cake out of a glass beer bottle that was greased with Crisco. After I let it dry (8 hours) I brushed it with gel color and vodka (then dried another 13-14 hours). It dries a matte finish so once it dried I brushed a little more gel color to sheen it up (has slight sticky feel but since no one eats gum paste it helped with the label sticking, if using krispie treats, I don’t suggest too much plain gel since it will transfer to whoever is eating the cake).

I made a chocolate cake and covered in fondant. I used some gel color with vodka to abstractly stroke the “painting” in two different blue colors. Sky blue and Royal blue. I made the labels out of fondant so it would be easy to adhere to the bottle with some warm water. I then looked at a label from the the beer company and painted it by hand with gel color, some mixed with vodka and some not so it had different texture and color. I made a “ribbon” and instead of the company name I put the birthday girls name on it.

The last pieces were the spirals, made from fondant colored with gel color. I cut them in different “wave” shapes and twisted them with my finger. I let them sit about 10 minutes to slightly harden and make their shape, dabbed some warm water and stuck to top of the cake. End result, my friend loved this Beer Bottle Cake Design! I hope her daughter does too!

Beer in a Wooden Bucket Cake

Beer in a Wooden Bucket Cake Created by Kayla  from Idaho

Everything included in this wooden bucket cake is edible except for the tackle and the beer bottle labels. The beer bottles require some time to make so plan ahead if you want to make this cake.

Beer in a Wooden Bucket Cake

How I Made This Wooden Bucket Beer Bottle Cake

  • I started with a 9″ round cake.
  • I cut the “wood planks” out of a fondant gum paste mixture. They were about 6″ tall to stand taller then the cake.
  • I used a pairing knife as well as a roller tool to crest lines of wood grain.
  • Using a paint brush and gel food coloring thinned with alcohol, I painted on layers of brown.
  • In between each layer I would take a damp paper towel and wipe of the excess to create the wood grain.
  • The bottles are made out of sugar. I created a mold with a mold builder that I painted over an actual beer bottle.
  • It takes a lot of layers and each layer needs to dry, so plan on doing this a week or so in advance.
  • The beer bottle labels are real labels that I peeled off of Bud Light bottles.
  • The ice is made of isomalt that’s been poured onto crinkled up foil to create the ice cubes.
  • The tackle is real tackle and is non edible.

Coolest Beer Cooler and Baseball Theme Cake

Beer Cooler and Baseball Theme Cake Created by Liz M. from Brandon, FL, USA

I made this Beer Cooler and Baseball Theme Cake for a friend’s birthday party. The cooler, hat and baseball were all made of carrot cake.

Coolest Beer Cooler and Baseball Theme Cake

To make the cooler, I used rectangle cake pans, then cut out a rectangle in the top layer. I then covered in fondant.

The bottles and ice are made of melted sugar. I made my own bottle mold out of my friend’s favorite beer and poured the colored melted sugar into it. I poured clear melted sugar into a cookie pan and when it had hardened i broke it into pieces. I made a mold of the bottle cap and pressed tinted gumpaste into it and let it dry. All labels on the cakes are printed rice paper.

The baseball was made by taking the scrap cake, mixing it with icing and forming it into a ball. Then I dipped it into melted white chocolate, covered part of it in black fondant and used icing for the string.

The baseball cap was made by baking the cake mix in a small rounded bowl and then covering the cake in tinted fondant.

The icing used was cream cheese flavored, it was delish! Some of the labels said Hoppy Beerthday and Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You’re older than dirt, so drown your sorrows with some brew.

Coolest Miller Lite 21st Birthday Cake

Miller Lite 21st Birthday Cake Created by by Karin K. from Lockport, NY, USA

I looked on-line for ideas to make my Miller Lite 21st Birthday Cake. I looked under images “Miller Lite beer logo”. I chose the large logo and the Miller bottle. I enlarged each of the pictures and used them as a stencil to create the lettering and the picture.

Coolest Miller Lite 21st Birthday Cake

First, I frosted the cake with white butter cream frosting. Next, I sprayed the sides and edges of the cake with “Wilton Blue color mist food color spray”. I used “ready-to-use rolled fondant” in primary colors to create the sign. I rolled out the fondant and used a cardboard cutout I created from the logos. I used a knife to cut out the design. For the beer bottle I placed the cut out on the cake and traced around it with my frosting bag and a #3 tip. I then filled in the bottle in with the chocolate frosting smoothing it with a spatula. The labels on the bottle, I made with gum paste. I used the blue fondant for the lettering on the circle label and everything else I created with “Betty Crocker Easy Writer food decorators” (markers) by coloring the design onto the gum paste.

Last, I created the boarder using a paint brush with blue and red “paste” food coloring. I painted stripes inside the bag then carefully filled the bag with white frosting. I rubbed the sides of the bag slightly to blend the color with the frosting and I piped my boarder onto cake.