After the tragic Marathon Bombings in Boston, the city rallied and organizers quickly put together a benefit concert, headlined by legendary band Aerosmith.  Other artists included James Taylor, BOSTON, NKOTB, comedians Dane Cook  and Steven Wright and others.

I wanted to be a part of this event.  Not only because I wanted to do something for the cause.  But, also because I am a Celebrity-mongor and love meeting them. I took it upon myself to contact the lead organizer of the event and offered to donate a cake from my home business, Kentastic Cakes for the Green Room at the event.  He graciously accepted my offer and this is the cake I made.  I was fortunate to meet so many of the artists and I have included pictures of me with them and the cake.  I have even included a couple shots of celebrities eating my cake.  Even celebrity chef, Ming Tsai ate my cake, said “Well done!” and gave me a shout out on Twitter.

The cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream.  All the items on the cake are representative of the city of Boston.  Most of the items are hand painted.  The lobster pot and Dunkin’ Donuts cup are made of cereal treats.   The cake was the talk of the Green Room and many of the celebrities who live locally, asked for my business card.