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Coolest Homemade Sushi Cake

My son, who turned six, loves sushi and, especially, avocado rolls.

To make the cake, I used a white box mix and baked it in a 9″ round pan. I sliced off the top to make it level, kept the browned edge down and the white up, and frosted the outside with green squeeze icing, the darkest green I could find to look like seaweed. I cut out a ‘well’ in the center of the cake, not going through to the bottom, and filled it with green gushers fruit candies. Shaved coconut on top made it look a bit more like rice. Around the cake, I put trays, purchased at Asian market, of rice krispies treat sushis.

To make these, I prepared the rice krispies treats and spread the mixture fairly thinly on a cookie tray. While it was still warm, I spread fruit roll-ups flat on a sushi mat, which are strips of bamboo tied together, bought at Asian market. The sushi mat had previously been covered with plastic wrap and sprayed with Pam.

On top of the fruit roll-ups, I spread rice krispies treat. On top of them, I lined up Swedish fish along the edge closest to me. I then rolled the whole thing like sushi, bending the mat around itself until it came out like a log. I sliced the whole log into sushi pieces and arranged them on trays.

Each kid got chopsticks and a few pieces of sushi. They loved it and I had a blast making it.

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