Coolest Sushi Cake Idea

I decided to make this Sushi Cake Idea after viewing other sushi cakes. I’ve never eaten sushi before so achieving the “likeness” of the sushi was a challenge for me. I used marshmallows, shredded coconut, fruit rolls up, nerds candy, starburst, Swedish fish, and chocolate sauce.

I made the dipping bowl out of fondant a day in advance to allow complete drying time. I frosted the sides with a brown cream cheese icing and the top was done in white. To achieve the wooden look, I drizzled brown icing on the top and used a brush to blend in. I took a spatula and smoothed over the top.

I googled how to write happy birthday in Japanese and free hand styled the writing. Except for the chopsticks, the cake is 100% edible.

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