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Coolest Sushi Cake With Sushi Platter

After seeing all of the wonderful sushi-inspired cakes on your website, I was really inspired! I tailored a Sushi Cake With Sushi Platter for a 50th birthday party.

I made the sushi platter out of a thin piece of aluminum that was bent into a curve. I bought a piece at the local hardware store. A sheet of thin cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil would work, too. I made a plain cake in a jelly roll pan and cut it to fit on top the aluminum piece. The platter legs are just leftover cake pieces cut from the jelly roll cake and frosted.

The sushi was made from fondant and snack cakes, fruit roll-ups, coconut, & gummy candies cut up for the filling. The cake base is just a plain frosted cake. The Shrimp & Smoked Salmon Sushi were made out of fondant that I mixed some red and orange food coloring into but didn’t mix all the way so that is how the ‘marbled’ look was achieved.

The base for the shrimp and salmon was a large marshmallow cut in half lengthwise and frosted together lengthwise and then rolled in coconut. Using the marshmallows was VERY easy and cheap to make. The shrimp was wrapped with a fruit roll up that was painted black with food coloring. The salmon was wrapped with a blue fruit roll-up.

The chopsticks were plain wooden chopsticks I got at a restaurant. I dipped the ends in frosting and rolled them in the orange sprinkles. I wanted to dip them in chocolate, but honestly ran out of time! The wasabi is fondant I added green food coloring to. The ginger was fondant with red food coloring. I rolled the ‘ginger’ into a ball and then cut thin slices off of it and then just mounded all of the thin slices into a small mound.

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