Cool Homemade Purple Fairy Toadstool Cake

Homemade Fairy Toadstool Cake

I found the idea for this fairy toadstool cake in a cake book I have. I made two cake mixes in rounded bowls for the top and bottom of the house, one chocolate, one vanilla for variety. I frosted each and let the frosting set, then covered the bottom one (turned upside-down) with white fondant. … Read more

Coolest Fairy Scene Cake

Fairy Scene Cake

I made this fairy scene cake for my nieces 3rd birthday. It was her request to have a “Tinkerbell Cake”. I looked online and at this site, took the ideas and then went from there. I made the mushrooms with meringue sprinkled with cocoa powder. I made them the day before I made the cake. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Toadstool Birthday Cake

Homemade Toadstool Birthday Cake

This Homemade Toadstool Birthday Cake is made from 2 cakes, a 9 inch round sandwich, which has been cut around the edges to give the top of the mushroom a curve; and a large tray bake which has 6 small circles cut out of it to make the leg of the mushroom. The cakes remain … Read more

Coolest Fairy’s House Cake

Fairy's House Cake

This fairy’s house cake was made for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She had a fairy and wizards party. The cake is simple but looks amazing when completed. I made two bowl cakes (one is slightly smaller than the other). The cakes are Madeira sponges. I covered a cake board with fondant that I tinted green. … Read more

Coolest Magic Toadstool Cake

Homemade  Magic Toadstool Cake

The idea for this Magic Toadstool Cake came from the Australia Women’s Weekly Birthday Cakes book – my daughter wanted a “fairy cake with me as the fairy” for her third birthday. The top of the toadstool was banana cake, the bottom chocolate cake. I crumb-coated the cake with white chocolate buttercream (so the chocolate … Read more

Coolest Fairy Garden Birthday Cake

Homemade Fairy Garden Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Fairy Garden Birthday Cake using a plain vanilla sponge mix and then divided it into 3 batches and made 1 strawberry and 1 chocolate. I cooked them in separate round pans then when baked layered them on top of each other with a chocolate buttercream in between each one. I cut … Read more

Coolest Mushroom House Cake

Homemade Mushroom House Cake

I made this cake for my friend. It was for her fist daughter’s christening party. The base and the top of this cake are made out of homemade sponge cake. I have used two different sizes of Pyrex bowls for the top and the base. I used the smaller one for the base. I had … Read more

Coolest Woodland Fairy Cake

Homemade Woodland Fairy Cake

My daughter (with no biased encouragement one way or another from myself or my husband) is developing into a typical little girl…her favorite color-pink, her favorite film-Tinkerbell, her favorite clothes-tutus, flippy skirts and dresses. So as her 3rd birthday approached it didn’t take me long too figure out I wanted to create fer a fairy … Read more

Coolest Fairy Toadstool Cake

Homemade  Fairy Toadstool Cake

I saw a mushroom fairy house in a cake book and thought I wouldn’t be able to master it, so I came up with this Fairy Toadstool Cake idea. My little girl loves fairies. I cooked a 30cm square butter cake and a white mud cake in a steel mixing bowl that was going to … Read more

Coolest Garden Fairy Birthday Cake

Homemade Garden Fairy Birthday Cake

For this awesomely awesome Garden Fairy Birthday Cake, I started out with a 2 layer 12in. round cake base and I used the giant cupcake pan to make the mushroom. To make the mushroom you flip the cupcake bottom piece so the narrow end is on top and cut off the tip of the cupcake … Read more

Coolest Mushroom Cake 28

Homemade Mushroom Cake

This Mushroom cake was for my daughter’s first birthday – a real labor of love! It’s a chocolate cake (with a box of dark chocolate Lindt balls mixed in for extra flavor!) and the top layer has white chocolate cream and raspberry filling. I used marshmallow fondant, which was a breeze to make and color. … Read more