Disgusting but Hilarious Turd Birthday Cake

My husband and I have 4 couples who are our best friends. We go out together very often and meet at our respective homes too. One day the wife of one of them phoned me and asked me if i could make a cake for her husband’s 40th birthday. She was going to organize a surprise party for him and she was going to invite our group of friends. She told me to do what I want but preferably something funny.

I thought and thought about what I could do and then my husband came out with a great idea. Our friend Daniel is a bit finicky when it comes to cleanliness.  He is all the time washing his hands, checking that everything he touches is clean and if possible disinfected. He washes himself twice sometimes trice a day even though he is not dirty and of course he doesn’t do any housework which could possibly involve him getting dirty. So my husband said ‘what if we do him a cake which looks disgusting and revolting for him’.

So I baked a rectangular chocolate sponge cake and covered it in peach colored fondant.  The disgusting element is a big piece of sh.. which I did from cereal treats and covered it with brown modelling chocolate. I put it on one side of the cake in a spiral position (you know what I mean!).

Then to make it look even more disgusting I modeled some tiny flies. I formed 2 tiny black fondant balls to make the head and body of the fly and then  I cut a pair of tiny wings out of white rice paper and attached them to the fly’s body with some little water. I did a few of these flies which then I scattered all around the surface of the cake.

Last but not least the wording. I wanted to create a very funny message and after a while I came out with the words ‘at your age everything turns to shit’.  I wrote it on the cake with an edible black ink pen and the cake was ready.

We made sure to arrive at the party first so that nobody would see the cake except for our friend’s wife of course. When she saw it she was going to faint with laughter and told me that I couldn’t have made a cake more appropriate for Daniel!.  She took it upstairs and it locked it away in a place where nobody could see it.

All the guests arrived and the ‘ birthday boy’ as well who was very surprised to see us all there. The surprise party was a success and then the time for the cake arrived. His wife came inside the room and when she put the cake on the table there was a huge explosion of laughter. I could never forget all my friend’s faces when they saw it. I really wish I took a video because it was describable.  Daniel had tears of laughter pouring from his eyes. We made him grabbing the sh… and give it a nice big bite. You could tell from his face that we was really disgusted but to our surprise he did it and he enjoyed it too!.

I am so happy that I did this cake and although nearly a year passed, we still mention the cake each time that we meet.

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