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Coolest Toilet Seat Horseshoe Cake

Myself and my caking partner were contacted by a customer about doing a baby shower cake. The client sent us a picture of what she was wanting, it was a 10″ square cake covered in green fondant with white polka dots and on top of that was a horseshoe shaped cake covered in a cow print fondant.  For some reason, to me, the way they had the horseshoe positioned (not to mention they had the horseshoe upside down)  it just reminded me of a toilet seat. To me it was not a cute cake at all, especially for a baby shower.

I told my caking partner that I just could not understand why in the world anyone would want a baby shower cake like that, and she said that we were making one change and that the client had requested that we cover the bottom 10″ tier in a bandana print instead of the green polka dot print.

The client also informed us that the theme for her shower was a western buckaroo theme.  Needless to say neither I nor my caking partner were looking forward to making this cake.  However,  once we started and our creativity started to flow it turned out to be the best cake we have done so far (we have only been doing cakes for about 6 months). We have had approx 2,400 hits on FB with this cake alone.  In the end, the client LOVED it and we were extremely happy with the outcome of what will forever be known to us as the “toilet seat cake”.

Horseshoe Cake 2