Coolest Toilet Bowl Cake

An employee turning 30 years old and having a fit about it, as she thinks this is soo old. We decided to give her an Over the Hill birthday party. What kind of cake should I make? Well, turning thirty must just be crap! So I decided to make a toilet bowl cake.

The hardest part was the bowl. This person loves chocolate pudding so filling the bowl with chocolate mousse and keeping the bowl from falling apart was a challenge. I fixed it with a ribbon that went around the top part of the bowl. The lid covered the ribbon. This cake was made from scratch. It is a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling on the tank.

The frosting is cool whip frosting and covered with fondant. The bowl is also chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and then blue colored cool whip for water. Snickers bites were used for the floaties. I used fondant on the bowl and also fondant for the lid. All was edible except for the lid.

Let’s just say it got quite a chuckle from co-workers!

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