Unique Cakes Shaped as Rockets 3

I made this cake for a Boys 4th birthday. We had a model 5 cm high so I draw a picture of it then started with my cake from there. I made a slab of vanilla cake, put my drawing on it and cut it out. Then I made 2 quantities of frosting and started … Read more

Coolest Little Einsteins Cake

LIttle Einstein Rocket Cak

I really didn’t think I could do this Little Einsteins cake but after three hours, the cake was complete and I learned a lot. To make this cake, I started with a two cake mixes, a rectangle cake pan, a round cake pan, and a small batter bowl. Bake your cakes according to package directions … Read more

Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

Homemade Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

This Little Einsteins Rocket Cake was for my nephew who loves Little Einsteins. To begin I baked 1 6″ round, 1 8″ round and for the dome of Rocket a 3″ deep 6″ round and cupcakes for the engines. I made these cakes and 4 days before the birthday party and froze them. This made … Read more

Coolest Rocket Cake

Rocket Cake

This rocket cake was made for my step-sons 6th birthday. Used chocolate, banana cake. Cut into shape and freeze to prevent crumbling during icing. Connect the pieces together using jam (jelly). Ice the nose, wings and base of the rocket green. Ice the main body of the rocket red. Cut out a circular photo of … Read more

Coolest Rocket Birthday Cake

Homemade Rocket Birthday Cake

It seems that four year olds love rockets and my twin grandsons are no exception. Thank you to everyone who contributed their rocket ship cakes to this site. Your ideas and suggestions were incredibly helpful. The Rocket Birthday Cake was created using a 9 X 13” pan and a 9” round pan. Two full batches … Read more

Unique Cakes Shaped as Rockets 4

This was one of the most unique cakes I have ever made. It was my sons 1st birthday. The rocket cake was his while the rest of us shared the sheet cake. The rocket was made of stacked layers, w/icing in b/w as the glue. This was so tall I had to put a dowel … Read more

Cool Homemade Little Einstein’s Rocket Cake

Little Einstein's Rocket Cake

For this Little Einstein’s Rocket cake, I used the 10″ Wilton oval pan and half of the 8″ Wilton 3D egg pan. I made two cake mixes and used the extra batter to make cupcakes. I used 4 Twinkies for the engines and attached them together and to Rocket using toothpicks. Then I carved a … Read more

Coolest Little Einstein Rocket Cake

Homemade Little Einstein Rocket Cake

I created this Little Einstein Rocket Cake after looking at the many ideas on this website. My son is obsessed with Little Einsteins and Rocket. So naturally it was the theme for his second birthday. I took pieces from each idea and this was the end result. It turned out fantastic. I took half a … Read more

Coolest Rocket Cake

Rocket Cake

I made this rocket cake for my son’s 4th birthday as he was mad on rockets! For a black space background I just used a black baking tray with little glittery star stickers and a moon stuck on it. For the body of the rocket I used a ready made sponge roll but I also … Read more

Coolest Rocket Birthday Cake


My son asked for a rocket cake for about 6 months up to his birthday. Thanks to other photos on this site and my own research, I think it turned out pretty well. Cake: I used the chocolate groom’s cake recipe from the Wilton site. It was really moist and yummy and held up well. … Read more

Unique Cakes Shaped as Rockets 5

“Rocket ship in Space” cake. The rocket ship that takes off on top of the quarter-sheet cake (which served as the “space”) was made from a chocolate cake that I baked in a small Pyrex bowl. I sliced the half-sphere into three, removed the middle portion and sandwiched together the ends’ giving me an oval, … Read more

Coolest Little Einstein Cake

Little Einstein Cake

I started this Little Einstein cake with a sheet cake with 2 cake mixes for Rocket’s base and used 2 round cake pans for Rocket’s top. I shaved the top to make it round and used 2 dinner rolls for the engines. Graham crackers for the (things on the engines) – whatever they’re called! Tootsie … Read more