Coolest Rocket Birthday Cake

This Rocket Birthday Cake included my son’s own 1st birthday cake. The Rocket on top came off, to be his cake. The bottom is 3 layers, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla. Frosted and then covered in fondant. We used cutters to make the planet and stars. The rocket was made with a regular cake, and cut with a biscuit cutter, then stacked. My husband and I found spay color works amazing and saves a lot of money!

The cone on the rocket was made by placing progressively smaller circles on top of one another. The cake was a huge hit and worked well cut into thin, tall pieces! Our inspiration was my son’s room. His walls are covered in fabric and the theme for his room is outer space. It took several pictures of other cakes to decide exactly what we wanted for the cake, however it took 3 days to complete.

I did all the baking one day, along with the crumb coating, then cooled in the fridge over night. The following day, we rolled out the fondant, covered the cake with it, and made all other cut outs. The needed cut outs were then sprayed. On the morning of the party, I applied the last details and colored pieces of fondant. Small dabs of icing kept all the pieces on well. I found that using the icing right out of the fridge, made a better glue for the fondant.

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  1. that rocket cake looks great! you did a remarkable job, are you a baker? This cake looks like a baker would’ve done it.I love it,Congrats to you for a job well done.


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