Coolest Rocket Cake

My inspiration for this Rocket cake is from Little Einsteins. I made a larger round cake and a smaller dome cake for the top. I iced the bottom cake first, then positioned the smaller cake on the top making sure enough space was left for the headlights. I put the blue icing on first for the windscreen then the red icing. I used a butter icing so that the colors didn’t run into each other.

The rockets were not edible and were made from a cardboard tube that I iced. I used jet plane lollies cut in half and iced for the fins on the rockets.

I used licorice as the frame for the window and as I was unable to get any figurines for the cake I used cutouts of the four characters. The headlights were yellow jellybeans that I placed on the cake. You could use bigger lollies if you have them. I just used a small round red lollipop on the top of the cake for the antenna.

At the end of the day my son told me the best thing about his birthday was his rocket cake.

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