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Hilarious Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

My good friend and neighbor’s son recently turned 21. He does like to spend a lot of time out clubbing and drinking! My friend often finds she has at least two or three of his mates crashed out in in his bedroom in the bed or on the floor! I asked him one day where his future wife would sleep, hence the idea for this cake with his mates all cosy / and the poor wife making do with the dog basket! The 21st Birthday Cake was a great hit with all the family and his mates; my friend thought it was hilarious and did not want to cut it!

The cake itself was a chocolate and apple recipe I have used for years. I chose this because it keeps moist a lot longer than a normal chocolate cake because of the apple” which meant that I could make it in advance and spend as much time needed to decorate it! It did take a few days, but I did make heads etc. a few days before so they set hard (all with fondant). The bodies were made of melted marshmallow /rice krispies as they were not going to be seen.

I have only made this type of cake four times now and having a great time learning as I go! Friends are requesting various cakes now so as long as they don’t require “perfection” I”m going to have fun!

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

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