Coolest 80th Birthday Cake for Granny

My husband’s granny was having her 80th birthday party and they asked me to make a cake. I live an hour away from her and worked late, but drove up to her house and was up until about 4AM making this cake for her.

First, I just baked to rectangular cakes, then stacked them. I frosted them with butter cream frosting I had made and dyed light green. For my butter cream  I just use powdered sugar, vanilla, water, and real unsalted butter mixed with a little Crisco. Then I dyed fondant different colors and pressed them into molds I got at Michael’s or JoAnns. They are the cherry blossom molds.  Then, I just placed them around the cake, put a little water on the back of the fondant and it sticks like glue. I found an 8 and a 0 candle at Party City that was sparkly and not the plain boring numbers, so we added those.

Everyone loved her cake because it was homemade with love.

PS- We also scanned a bunch of pictures from her childhood and younger days and I made a DVD and slideshow with music that she LOVED. I made it on Smilebox, it was a nice addition to the party.