For my “inherited” grandson’s 4th birthday he asked me to make him a dinosaur cake. Silly me, I asked him what kind of dinosaur. Whoever has heard of an Ankyosaurus? Turns out it was pretty simple to make. I baked 3 round cakes of graduating sizes, 5 regular size cupcakes, 11 mini cupcakes, one small shallow bowl and 1 doll cake from the Wilton doll 4-cake pan. A small steep bowl would also work for the Wilton pan.

I cut the round cakes and smaller cakes in half and “glued” them together with filling/icing. Then I assembled them as in the picture. No stacking so really quite simple. Did a little bit of crumb coating.

I then frosted the whole cake in chocolate frosting. But the fun part was creating the “armor” with mini snickers, Hershey kisses and piped points. The snickers turned out to be a huge hit, especially with the adults. I made sure each person got a piece of the armor. At first I thought I would have to ice over the chocolates, but I thought they looked great “as-is” and it certainly made it easy.

I poked 2 finger indents for the eyes and put white chocolate chips in the indents. Painted on a black pupil with black food coloring. The “collar” is more piped cones and the tongue is a cut piece of fruit roll-up. The hill is an upside down cupcake with tons of frosting, only there to hold the candles.

Very easy to cut and serve this cake since it is not stacked, but the pieces weren’t always uniform.