I made this aquarium birthday cake in celebration of my daughter’s first birthday. We got the idea from other photos on your website and after visiting the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga TN.

The water is a thin layer of blue frosting over an aluminum foil covered board about 2×3 ft. The body of the fish is made from a round spring form pan and the fins and tail from a square pan cut into sections. The scales are sliced strawberries and the big red lips are a strawberry cut in half placed on yellow frosting.

The eye is an open Oreo cookie and an M&M. Swedish Fish are swimming through the green frosting seaweed. The bubbles are mini cupcakes. And the colored sprinkles add color and texture to our fun deep water aquarium scene.

It didn’t take much time to do this fun project that added lots of fun and enthusiasm to our special day!