Coolest Aquarium Cake

I made this aquarium cake as a direct representation of an actual tropical fish aquarium that my friend has. It was made on a college campus with supplies from the campus grocery store, my personal tools, and a lot of pre-planning.

The fish are made of various kinds of candy, the gravel is cookie crumbs and granola as well as jelly beans. The cake is made to be looked at all 4 sides—the sides have snails like the real aquarium, the bottom has gravel, and the top has a black aquarium cover made from Oreos.

The lights themselves on the aquarium I tried to copy are blue and white, which is why I chose those colors for the candles. The clown fish are named Sam and Joey. The cake itself is a layer cake made from box yellow cake mix with lemon juice and lemon rind added to it and then vanilla frosting with lemon extract in between.

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