Coolest Arkansas Razorback Cake

This Arkansas Razorback Cake was made for my brother’s wedding, he is a die hard Arkansas Razorback fan so I decided that this would be a great groom’s cake for him.

For the body I simply used 2 11×9 cake pan. For the razorbacks head I used a loaf pan. I carved out all shapes needed to create this cake. The tusks are made of white fondant, as well as the eyes, ears, and the tail. I used Wilton’s red icing and used tiny star tips to cover the cake.

This cake was very fun to make and everyone at the wedding enjoyed it!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Arkansas Razorback Cake”

  1. I am wanting to do a cake like this one but I am needing more information on how you did it!

  2. Hello! I have a friend that asked me to make a cake for her husbands 30th birthday. He is a huge fan of the Razorbacks, so I would like to make a cake similar to yours. Would you offer information on how you did it? Thank you so much! Tammy

  3. I’m doing the same thing. I’ve got two wonderful friends that are getting married soon and he is a huge Razorback fan and I would love to get more details on how you made this fabulous cake.

  4. What an amazing cake. Would you share more details on the cake? My husband’s birthday is the 12th. Also what type of cake and icing did you use?

  5. This is one of the best all cake carvings I have seen. Please tell me more! I need to make one of these for a die hard fan and using icing instead of fondant would be awesome.

    Thank you!

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